USCIS Certified Civil Surgeon in NJ
Dr. Li Jiang is a Certified USCIS Civil Surgeon.

About us:

We are USCIS approved and certified Civil Surgeon

We provide high quality immigration medical exams and have years of experience preparing Form I-693, and N-648 Disability Wavier.

We have very affordable price for your exame and we accept multiple payment methods.

We have on-site phlebotomy services and keep stock of all required vaccinations.

We Offer:

  • Fast Results!! Get your results in 2 days!
  • Extended evening and weekend hour for appointments (Contact us NOW).
  • Our doctor and her staff members are ready to help you with your questions (5 Star Reviews on Google)
  • We offer the smallest blood drawing needles and numbing cream to our patients with needle phobia. We significantly minimize the pain associated with blood drawing.

We Speak:

  • We speak English – USCIS Ceritifed Civil Surgeon for immigration / green card medical exam
  • We speak Chinese / 我们讲中文 – 移民局认证体检医生 – 移民体检/绿卡体检 (纽约,新泽西,宾夕法尼亚,康涅狄格州)
  • We speak Spanish / hablamos español – Cirujano civil certificado por USCIS para exámenes médicos de inmigración (NY, NJ, PA, CT)